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Rejection Based on Stigmatization is Particularly Distressing

Diverse people looking at thoughtful frustrated man in cafe sitting alone at table
Rejection is always upsetting, but being devalued and rejected because one has a stigmatized identity is particularly distressing and undermines trust.

Why “Just Go For It” is Bad Dating Advice

Photo of a Woman refusing a red heart from a man
People underestimate how uncomfortable their unwanted romantic advances can make the person on the receiving end.

We Need to Rethink the Way We Treat Ex-Prisoners

Man sitting on bench looking at people ice skating
The size of the social network of former prisoners affects their well-being, but not in the way you probably expect.

Rejection, Volunteering, & Morality: Recently Published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

Washington, D.C. – From rejection to volunteering and innocence, the following research recently published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Media may contact press @ for a copy of any of these studies.

The Relationship Implications of Rejecting a Partner for Sex Kindly Versus Having Sex Reluctantly

Image of woman sitting on the edge of the bed, upset/thinking, with man frustrated laying in bed

Romantic couples often find themselves in situations in which partners have discrepant levels of sexual desire, and research shows that conflicts of interest about sex predict negative relationship outcomes and are among the most difficult types of relationship issues to resolve.