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artificial intelligence

Your (Future) Car’s Moral Compass

a smart car drives on a virtual road. Several hazards exist in different color boxes inclding a pedestrain in a crossswalk, people on the side of the road and way finding signs that might have useful information

Picture a driverless car cruising down the street. Suddenly, three pedestrians run in front of it. The brakes fail and the car is about to hit and kill all of them. The only way out is if the car crosses to the other lane and swerves into a barrier. But that would kill the passenger it’s carrying. What should the self-driving car do?

Would you change your answer if you knew that the three pedestrians are a male doctor, a female doctor, and their dog, while the passenger is a female athlete? Does it matter if the three pedestrians are jaywalking?

In Case You Missed it April 14, 2017

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