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What do Men and Women Want in a Mate?

Couple embracing on beach
The things we look for in a romantic partner are shaped by both evolution and society.

Why Online Dating is Heaven—and Hell

Young woman looking at cellphone
The number of options in online dating can make people more rejecting, dissatisfied, and pessimistic about love.

Disclosing Racial Preferences in Online Dating: Are You Making it Easier for Yourself or Shooting Yourself in the Foot?

Two women using smart phones and eating breakfast
People who disclose racial preferences on their online dating profiles are seen as more racist and less dateable, even by people who think that it’s not racist to have racial dating preferences!

Can Being a Good Storyteller Lead to Love?

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By Melanie Green

Everyone loves a good story, but can a good story lead to love?

Psychology News Round-Up: ICYMI August 24, 2018

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This week: Two different perspectives on growth mindset interventions and more coverage of the bot hoopla. See what else you may have missed online.

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