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Seeing Yourself in the Villain

illustration of person looking in mirror - reflection is a monster
You might feel especially drawn to stories with a villain who resembles you.

What Do Personality Traits Mean? It Depends on Whom You Ask

Different emotions drawn on colorful wooden blocks
How do you define personality traits like extraversion, neuroticism, and conscientiousness? Researchers and regular people don’t always agree.

Why do People Believe in the “True Self”?

kitten looks in a mirror sees reflection of a tiger
Although intuitively appealing, the belief that each person has a true self may be just a quirk of the human mind.

Bullies - Offenders or Defenders?

Man with Megaphone
Contrary to what many people think, bullies are not usually compensating for low self-esteem.

Believing in Divine Forgiveness May Affect Well-being

Woman with hands in air and birds flying around her
Depressive symptoms are lower when people feel forgiven by God, but especially when they don’t forgive themselves.

What Is Your Single Greatest Life Challenge?

photo of stones Balanced against the sea.
How we think about challenging personal events in the past relates to our present-day mental health.

In Search of a Satisfying Life–Past, Present, and Future

Image of a camper driving in direction of a sign that read Life Quality ahead
People’s beliefs about how satisfying their life will be over time may be an illusion.

How do the Past and the Future Influence Your Present Self?

illustration showing the Reality of Inner Colors
Nations differ in the extent to which their residents feel that the future and the past are close to the present. This temporal focus is related to many important outcomes, from the emotional to the economic.

Generosity and Commitment to Causes Improve When Giving is Personal

Giving something personal increases people’s self-perception of generosity and commitment to charitable causes.

Whether the call to action is to support an important cause, save a life, or offer monetary support, new research shows it’s the personal connection of giving that makes the giver feel more generous. This giving of oneself, from a signature to blood, increases feelings of generosity and in turn, increases the likelihood of continued support of a cause, according to research published in Social Psychological and Personality Science.