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Why Teens Today Have Become More Depressed

Depressed male teenager leaning against brick wall
The reason so many teens are depressed might be right there in their hands: the smartphone.

Four Disruptive Teenagers, Four Reasons Why

Photo of a Teenage boy and girl sitting on a bench drinking beer
Teenagers can be oppositional, defiant, and aggressive for quite different reasons, and those reasons can affect how they fare in life.

Why Do Teenagers Expect People to Reject Them?

Unhappy Teenage Girl Being Gossiped About By School Friends
If you assume that other people will disappoint or reject you, the quality of your relationship with your parents and your parents’ relationship with each other could have played a role.

Psychology News Round-Up: ICYMI August 24, 2018

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This week: Two different perspectives on growth mindset interventions and more coverage of the bot hoopla. See what else you may have missed online.

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Changing People's Behavior: From Reducing Bullying to Training Scientists

San Diego, CA -- If you want to change how teenagers view bullying, go to the straight to the source of most school trends: the most connected crowd. According to new intervention research, targeting the most influential students in a school could be a key factor in reducing harassment and bullying.

Declining Loneliness Among American Teenagers

There has been a growing concern that modern society is increasingly lonely. In 2006, a New York Times article "The Lonely American Just Got a Bit Lonelier" highlighted research that shows a decline in social engagement--people are less likely to join clubs, have fewer close friends, and are less likely to perceive others as trustworthy. However, studies have also shown an increase in extraversion and self-esteem, which suggests loneliness is decreasing.