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Should You Try to Hide Your Negative Emotions from Your Kids?

Black family spending time together
Many parents try to protect their children by hiding their negative emotions, but that might not always be a good idea.

Why Do Teenagers Expect People to Reject Them?

Unhappy Teenage Girl Being Gossiped About By School Friends
If you assume that other people will disappoint or reject you, the quality of your relationship with your parents and your parents’ relationship with each other could have played a role.

Psychology News Roundup: ICYMI July 12, 2019

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From tech to tv shows, see what you may have missed in the world of personality and social psychology.

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Bullies - Offenders or Defenders?

Man with Megaphone
Contrary to what many people think, bullies are not usually compensating for low self-esteem.

Why You Shouldn’t Tell Your Kids They’re Smart or Talented

preschoolers cheering with their teacher
If you want your kids to become great at something, the last thing you should do is to keep telling them they’re great at something.

Psychology News Round-Up: ICYMI June 9, 2017

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Psychology of Parenthood Tip Sheet

May and June seem to revolve around family in the United States, with Mother’s Day on May 14th and Father’s Day on June 18th. The end of the school year and star of summer months can also signal families spending more time together.  Discover what social and personality psychology can show us about the close relationship dynamics of parents and parenthood in this month’s SPSP tip sheet.


Personality change and parenthood

Can a Brief Pause Get in the Way of Toddler Learning?

Teacher and toddler doing therapy using emoji emotions
The ability of toddlers to learn new words may be affected by how often their interactions with parents and other caregivers are interrupted by modern technology.