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Why Muslim Women Wear the Veil Matters for Their Emotional Well-being

Young Muslim woman adjusts veil while looking in mirror
Muslim women’s reasons for wearing the veil—because they want to or because they feel like they have to—are associated with their emotional well-being.

It’s a Meaningful Life: The Surprising Existential Benefits of Self-control

Photo of woman on mountaintop
Having self-control not only promotes physical health and life satisfaction, it can foster a sense of meaning in life.

How to Overcome Unconscious Bias

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By Jordan Axt

We all have prejudices we're not even aware of—but they don't have to govern our behavior

Psychology News Round-Up (October 14th)

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This Week on the Blog

Our knowledge of how people communicate online and the motivations behind it is still in its inchoate stage. Check out this week’s post to see if the internet is making you mean.

Fan the FLAME to Maintain the Spark

a couple dressed warmly in front of a fire in a fireplace snuggle close together

The early days of romantic relationships are like a blazing fire: partners share a great deal of passion, have high levels of sexual desire, and engage in sex frequently. But partners’ sex lives may change as their relationships progress, with sexual frequency and desire often waning over time. Although this is a common experience in long-term relationships, it is not without its consequences: partners’ low or mismatched sexual desire is linked to more thoughts about breaking up, as well as lower sexual and relationship satisfaction.

Hate: Dropping the H-Bomb

Image of four type pieces spelling out HATE

“Hate” – the term is becoming an all too familiar. “Hate group” members and sympathizers use “hate speech” and commit “hate crimes.” Recent events on the worldwide sociopolitical landscape have revealed the often intensely visceral reactions people have when they see actions that they consider to be hate. The three little words – “I HATE you” – can damage interpersonal, intergroup, and international relationships in ways that “I am angry at you” or “I dislike you” cannot begin to match.

Is the Key to Successful Prosocial Nudges Reputation?

Image of person hanging on to a bridge while others across the bridge towards them run to help

In the last 30 years, the behavioral community has documented a myriad of quirks of altruism: we display warm glow; we’re weirdly sensitive to defaults and communication around norms, frames, and identity; we give readily, but are even quicker to exploit moral wiggle room or avoid the ask in the first place; we give most readily when observed.

Psychology News Round-Up: ICYMI August 17, 2018

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This week's round-up includes a look at the recent problem with bots completing online surveys. See what else you may have missed online.

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