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COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories: Who Believes These Bonkers Stories?

Man wearing tin foil covered sunglasses
A world-wide study takes a look at the kinds of people who tend to believe conspiracy theories about the pandemic.

More Stigma Leads to Worse Physical Health

Tired Asian man standing near window in office
We know that people who are stigmatized experience poorer health. But why?

Our Furry Best Friends Offer Us More than Companionship

Woman holding and embracing Shiba Inu dog
It’s often said that dogs are our best friends. They may also be a key to a longer life.

Does Being Religious Put People at Greater Risk of COVID-19?

Young woman praying
All else being equal, religious people have better health outcomes than less religious people. But being at risk for COVID-19 may be a troubling exception to this rule.

How a Disagreement from 16 Years Ago Can Affect Your Health Today

Older woman with a very sad expression isolated on black
Although marriage often enhances people’s health, how and when partners argue with their spouses can have negative health consequences.

Psychology of Coronavirus

young European man on the street with a medical face mask on.
Could coronavirus inspire prejudice toward Asian Americans? Perhaps our behavioral immune system is to blame.

Public Health Messages About Losing Weight Can Have Undesired Effects

illustration of plus size model receiving thumbs up from a man and woman
Many health experts say that diets don’t work in the long run, but this message may have unintended consequences.

How We Can “See” a New Way to Exercise Faster, Better, and More Often

illustration of a runner crossing the finish line
A trick of the eye can get you to the finish line faster. Research uncovers a technique for better exercise

Psychology News Roundup: ICYMI December 13, 2019

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See what you may have missed in the world of personality and social psychology on this week's ICYMI roundup.

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