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Are Police Officers Racist? Like the Nature of Racism Itself, the Answer is Complicated

Officer looks at other officers arresting a man
Are police officers more racist than Americans in general? It depends not only on who you ask but also on how you ask the question.

Psychology of Coronavirus

young European man on the street with a medical face mask on.
Could coronavirus inspire prejudice toward Asian Americans? Perhaps our behavioral immune system is to blame.

Your Opinions are Not as Popular as You Think They Are: The False Consensus Effect

illustration of People on quiz show with man in middle having the biggest score
Research shows that we usually fail to realize how many people disagree with us. Even those who know about this powerful bias may not be able to avoid it.

The Illusion of the “Hot Hand” in Basketball – and among Monkeys

Basketball Flying in the Air
Almost everyone believes in the “hot hand” in basketball. But research shows that this belief is wrong. And we are starting to uncover why this illusion is so hard to change.

Will Saying Something Matter? Curbing Stereotyping and Prejudice through Confrontation

two people pointing megaphones at each other
Research on confronting stereotyping and prejudice suggests that individuals can play a role in curbing bias if they just speak up.

Psychology News Roundup: ICYMI May 31, 2019

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Our perceptions and understanding often don't match up, as you'll see in several findings disucssed in ths week's ICYMI. See what else you may have missed in the world of personality and social psychology. Recently in the news, written a post, or have selections you'd like us to consider? Email us, use the hashtag #SPSPblog, or tweet us directly @spspnews. 

Gender Roles Highlight Gender Bias in Judicial Decisions

Judges may be just as biased or even more biased than the general public in deciding court cases where traditional gender roles are challenged, according to a new study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

This study examined the role of gender bias relating to judges and legal decisions, and the sex discrimination worked both ways, sometimes against women and sometimes against men.

How Neighborhoods, Clothing, and Suspect Race Impact Decisions to Shoot

Image of individual handcuffed and being led away by police

Despite the long history of police violence against racial minorities in the United States, recent high-profile shooting incidents of unarmed racial minorities have gained national attention, such as the shooting deaths of African Americans Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. The resulting social movements, led by Black Lives Matter, have refocused media attention on the roles that race and racial stereotypes play in police behavior. What causes both officers and community members to shoot unarmed racial minorities? What role do racial stereotypes play in this process?