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May SPSPotlight: Undergraduate News to Use

Taking the GRE

By Katy Kreiger, GSC Member-at-Large for Undergraduate Affairs

The GRE can be dreaded and feared by many, but, we have some great tips for doing well and setting yourself up with outstanding scores

  1. Schedule your test date ASAP. It is never too early and it gives you a goal date to study toward.

  2. Take practice tests. Then more practice tests. Self-testing is important and gets you ready for the format of the exam.

  3. Cramming never works. Study and practice every day in smaller increments.

  4. Get re-familiar with all of those formulas and how to use them.

  5. Download the free vocabulary apps. Use them to test yourself but don’t memorize the words and definitions.

  6. When you practice writing essays, turn off spellcheck (there is none during the real exam) and time this section.

  7. Take it early so that, just in case you want to bump up those scores, you have time to prior to grad school applications being due.

Remember, just like all other exams, take your time (as much as you can), check over your answers, and refuel and rehydrate when you are allowed out of the testing center. Good luck!

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