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SPSPotlight: April 2015

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Feature Stories


Beyond the Ivory Tower

Grad Hack



Tips to Help you Stay Productive

By Lameese Eldesouky, SPSP Student Member

We all have felt the publish-or-perish pressure.  What if there was a way to make it little a bit easier?  Read eleven handy tips from Lameese Eldesouky about how to stay productive when grad school is burning you out. (more)

Dissertation Diaries: Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls (Please Stick to the Studies and the Data You’re Used To)

By Stefanie Tignor, 2014-2015 GSC Member-at-Large

Want to publish but feel overwhelmed by the prospect of recruiting participants or collecting new data?  Our very own outgoing Member-at-Large Stefanie Tignor provides a down-to-earth perspective on recycling your dissertation or other archived data to boost your CV and advance your career. (more)


Member SPSPotlight

The GSC wants to get know more about you! In our new feature, we will be putting the “SPSPotlight” on our graduate and undergraduate members. Have a few minutes to answer a few questions for us? Email us at

Upcoming Conventions

If you enjoyed the Annual Convention in Long Beach, it’s just the beginning of “convention season”! Here are some upcoming conventions that you may be interested in attending:

Showcase Your Research on the SPSP Blog!

Have some really exciting research that you’d like to share? We want to hear about it! The GSC invites you to contribute to SPSP’s blog, Character & Context. This is a great opportunity to get experience with writing up your research for a broad audience of psychological scientists and the public. Interested in contributing a post? E-mail us at



Ever wonder what careers lay outside of academia? We explore the non-academic job market by talking to social psychology PhDs who have gone into different career paths. This month, we speak with Greg Gunn, Senior Psychometrician at Multi-Health Systems in Toronto, Canada.

Click here to see what Dr. Gunn had to say!



Introducing our new addition to the SPSPotlight, “Grad Hack,” giving you quick and dirty tips for your graduate career and beyond. Want to see something in particular? Email us!

This month, we provide some “hacks” for getting the most out of your convention experience! Click here to learn more.



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