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September SPSPotlight: Interview with Psychologists

Interview with Psychologists

Each year, we ask psychology professors a series of questions that we think might provide useful information to current students.

This issue, we asked: What is your favorite thing about psychology?

Angela Legg, Pace University

My favorite thing about psychology is that it’s still an evolving field. We’re not stagnant, we’re not finishing learning, and we’re inspired to ask important, life-changing questions. I’m excited about the steps psychologists are taking to improve our science. I’m excited to see what we become in the future. 



Keith Maddox, Tufts University

As a topic of inquiry, psychology provides me with information about the processes underlying my decisions.  It gives me insights into my own and other people’s thinking that help to make the world a little less frustrating and a little more bearable when faced with seemingly peculiar behavior from others.







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