SPSPotlight: November 2014

Feature Stories

Job Market Memoirs

By Joey Cheng, Ph.D.

Where faculty and postdocs provide insight into the job market by telling us about their recent experiences. Tune in for personal tales, acquired wisdom, and general job market advice. In this issue, Dr. Joey Cheng discusses her experience on the job market as well as her experience as a post-doc. Read more.

Research Based Tips: Being a Good Partner or Roommate in Graduate School

By Liz Keneski and April Buck

We all know graduate school can be stressful, and unfortunately that stress can bleed into relationships with loved ones whom we value most. Being aware of this phenomenon and addressing it head on with practical, research-based tips can help. Read more.

Interviews With Psychologists

Each issue we ask professors a question that provides useful information to students. 

What are the biggest and/or most common mistakes you see job candidates making in their applications, job talks or interviews?

Click here to read their answers.

Producing a Positive Psyche 

Your source for quick, useful advice for maintaining your sanity during the stressful experience that is graduate school.
It’s that time in the semester when the amount of work we have to do feels gargantuan relative to the amount of time we have left to do it; when we have finally gotten into the flow of the semester only to realize that it’s more than halfway over. It’s during this time of the semester when I find it helpful to repeat to myself: “breathe, smile, kick butt.”

– Alexa Lord, GSC Member-at-Large


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