SPSPotlight: February 2015

Feature Stories

Sights & Bites: A Guide to Long Beach

By Nick Brown, Member-at-Large for Undergraduate Affairs

There are a lot of great symposia, poster sessions, and social events taking place at the Annual Convention in Long Beach. Amidst all of that listening, presenting, collaborating, and learning, don’t forget to leave time to eat, drink, and explore! The GSC has put together a list of sights and bites for your trip to Long Beach. Read more.

Working the Convention: Giving Presentations & Being an Audience Member

Part One: By Kaitlyn Werner, Member-at-Large
Part Two: By Rebecca Friesdorf, Member-at-Large

Have you ever attended a particularly exciting and informative talk and been completely engaged, only to later find yourself struggling to remember the details and decipher your notes?  Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of this year’s Annual Convention! Read more.

Producing a Positive Psyche

Your source for quick, useful advice for maintaining your sanity during the stressful experience that is graduate school.

Nervous about presenting at the upcoming convention? One way to reduce performance anxiety is to imagine yourself giving the presentation. Imagine all of the steps involved--even putting up your poster or cuing up your slides. Imagine your audience. Imagine your clarity and poise. Imagine your excitement! Also imagine yourself succeeding at the presentation and totally nailing it!

--Alexa Lord, Member-at-Large

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