SPSPotlight: December 2015

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Feature Stories

Ubiquitous Undergrads: Getting Involved in Research as an Undergrad

By Nick Brown, Member-At-Large for Undergraduate Affairs

You’ve heard these phrases over and over again: “new research shows that” or “scientists have discovered.” But you might be wondering, what exactly does research entail? Read more on strategies for getting involved, and how to translate your experience into career success. Read more.

The ABCs of Collaboration: Advice for Beginning Collaborators

By Rebecca Friesdorf, Member-At-Large

Graduate students always hear about the importance of collaboration. But what if you didn't know how to begin? This month's feature story includes advice on how to start, manage, and master collaboration. Read more.

Interviews With Psychologists

Each issue we ask professors a question that provides useful information to students.

What is the best advice YOU have received (academic or otherwise)?

Click here to read their answers.

Writing Tip of the Month

Your source for quick, useful advice on writing.

At last year’s GSC Mentoring Lunch, Nathan DeWall imparted some great practical advice for getting through the toughest part of writing—getting started. He suggested beginning with a “writing warm-up” that entails simply sitting down at the computer with a blank page and thinking of as many words as you can (even if they are nonsensical together) in 5 minutes. This should get your creative juices flowing while also shutting down any initial anxiety you might have about experiencing writer’s block. You’re already writing!

- Liz Keneski, GSC President

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