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Nov 10, 2016

Psychology News Round-Up (November 11th)

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This week on the blog, Eric D. Knowles, and Linda R. Tropp, discuss the Rise of White Identity in Politics in this week’s post. Our "Posts Not to Miss" section includes the answer to the question, can images of watching eyes increase generosity? Other posts look at the cultural aspects of smiling and the role of political ideology in reasoning.               

This Week on the Blog

Many political commentators credit Donald Trump’s rise to white voters’ antipathy toward racial and ethnic minorities. However, this focus on racial resentment obscures another important aspect of racial thinking. Read more.

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C & C Posts Not to Miss

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Can Images of Watching Eyes Increase Generosity?

How Much Does
China Smile?

When Political Ideology Undermines Logical Reasoning

Character & Context Connections

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On, Brian Resnick delves into the psychology of human behavior, will-power, and why “human beings are horrible at resisting temptation” in the myth of self-control.


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