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Editors: Mark Leary, Shira Gabriel, Brett Pelham
Jan 05, 2018

Psychology News Round-Up: ICYMI January 5, 2018

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On the Blogs

Andrew Quist, Paul Slovic, & Scott Slovic dicsuss Trump's form of thinking in this shared piece from Scientific American.
"Unlike reason and willpower, social emotions — things like gratitude and compassion — naturally incline us to be patient and persevere," writes David DeStano.

Psychology Explains New Year Resolutions, Hits and Misses via Psychology Today
"Can Psychology explain why most New Year Resolutions fail and how to keep them?" ask Raj Persaud and Peter Bruggen.

Are Toxic Political Conversations Changing How We Feel about Objective Truth? via Scientific American
Matthew Fisher, Joshua Knobe, Brent Strickland, & Frank C. Keil argue that as political polarization grows, the arguments we have with one another may be shifting our understanding of truth itself.  

How Facebook Stymies Social Science via The Chronicle of Higher Education
Henry Farrell asks, "When private companies hold data that scholars need, what becomes of academic research?"

NSF advisers seek to broaden training of scientists, strengthen research infrastructure, and enhance understanding and use of scientific findings.

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