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Editors: Mark Leary, Shira Gabriel, Brett Pelham
Jan 26, 2018

Psychology News Round-Up: ICYMI January 26, 2018

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On the Blogs

Brad Forenza covers his research on coming out vis-à-vis identification with symbols.
Roger Beaty asks, "What makes some people more creative than others?"
Who’s Your Real Boss? via Behavioral Scientist
"The more your smartphone can do, the more affordances you perceive," writes Kristian Sørensen and Mikkel Holm Sørensen
Roseanna Sommers answers the question, "Why did so few speak up before?"
Daniel Engber writes in defense of the replication movement.

In the News

Let’s Stop Making the Solution to Climate Change Seem Impossible via Earther

Teens Who Spend Less Time In Front Of Screens Are Happier — Up To a Point via The Washington Post

For Millennials, Astrology Is On The Rise via New Orleans Public Radio

A Psychology Researcher Explains How Social Media Is Changing Us via Salon

Tracking the Impact of Early Abuse and Neglect via Social Work Helper

Op-Ed Calls for Civility in Psychological Science, Draws Mixed Reactions via APS

Studies Link Intellectual Humility With Openness To Other Viewpoints via Research Digest

8 Reasons Why People Cheat via Today

Have Brexit And The US Presidential Election Made You More Radical via University of Limerick

Are Millennials Less Racist Than Previous Generations? via CBS Atlanta

The Ins and Outs of Lying, According to Three Experts on Honesty via Allure

Why Entitled People Will Disregard Rules That Others Follow via Psychology Today

The Enduring Appeal of Conspiracy Theories via BBC Future

Scientists Hate the NIH’s New Rules For Experimenting On Humans via Wired

People With Low Self-Esteem Really Do Have Less Responsive Partners via Research Digest

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