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The Science of Who We Are and How We Relate
Editors: Mark Leary, Shira Gabriel, Brett Pelham
Aug 24, 2018

Psychology News Round-Up: ICYMI August 24, 2018

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This week: Two different perspectives on growth mindset interventions and more coverage of the bot hoopla. See what else you may have missed online.

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On the Blogs

A Not-so-Hypothetical HIBAR  via sometimes i'm wrong

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From the SPSP News Center

Educational Tracking Creates Artificial Inequalities Among Students

In the News

A psychologist helps us understand why life is so different around the world  via The Verge

Open science is now the only way forward for psychology  via The Guardian

Need more self-control? Try a simple ritual  via Scientific American

A bot panic hits Amazon's Mechanical Turk  via Wired

Mental health issues may not ruin teen friendships, but dissimilarity can  via Medical Daily

Are we all ‘harmless torturers’ now?  via The New York Times

Gender equality could push men’s and women’s personalities apart  via The Atlantic

Can personality change or does it stay the same for life? A new study suggests it's a little of both  via Forbes

Yes, teens are texting and using social media instead of reading books, researchers say  via The Washington Post

Sexually fantasizing about one’s partner inhibits relationship-damaging behaviors  via PsyPost

Contrary to popular psychological theory, believers in free will were no more generous or honest  via Research Digest

Moral outrage can backfire when it goes viral  via Pacific Standard

Men place less value on care-oriented careers like nursing  via Medical Xpress

Gifting is more about triggering enthusiastic reactions than long-term satisfaction  via Medical Daily

Americans' No. 1 sexual fantasy? Survey says ...  via Chicago Tribune

Feelings of social devaluation among African Americans' linked to belief in conspiracy theories  via PsyPost

Status symbols may not attract new friends – just the opposite  via PsychCentral

Why so many poor kids who get into college don’t end up enrolling  via Vox

The power of the past  via Psychology Today

Brainwave study suggests sexual posing, but not bare skin, leads to automatic objectification  via Research Digest

An opt-out organ donor system might actually lead to fewer transplants  via NewScientist

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