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Sep 29, 2017

Psychology News Round-Up: ICYMI September 29, 2017

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In this excerpt from the Behavioral Scientist, Tage Rai, Piercarlo Valdesolo, & Jesse Graham discuss their research on dehumanization, morality, and violence.
"Recent research helps explain the roots of our attitudes to same-sex marriage, and whether they are shallow enough to allow attitudes to change," writes Nick Haslam.
Jasmine Vergauwe and colleagues' recent research shows there is such a thing as too much charisma in a leader.
"The two faces of curiosity reflect different blends of not knowing versus almost knowing," writes Tania Lombrozo.
The Trump Voter Paradox via The New York Times
Thomas Edsall tries to unwrap how people can be so friendly and so angry at the same time, citing several psychology researchers.

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People who view their relationships as supportive may confidently strive for growth, a new study in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin indicated.

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