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Sep 08, 2017

Psychology News Round-Up: ICYMI September 8, 2017

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On the Blogs

Brock Bastian writes about the growing body of evidence that much of what we do is often decided outside of conscious awareness.
Jason Okonofua and several colleagues are featured in this piece on their psychological intervention that halved suspension rates for students across three school districts.
Thanks to Lee Jussim for curating the following selections this week

Taking Responsibility for Our Field's Reputation via The Observer
Hal Pashler and J.P. De Ruiter argue that the field's reputation is in free fall, and that psychological scientists need to take responsibility for it. 

In Defense of Amy Wax's Defense of Bourgeois Culture via Heterodox Academy
Evidence-based defense of middle class values of hard work, family, and civility, and highlighting the threat to academic freedom by those who would have Amy Wax silenced, are the focus of this peice by Jonathan Haidt.

The Psychology of the New McCarthyism via Psych Today
Lee Jussim posts an evidence-based analysis of how political motivations distort social psychological research and conclusions, and how that political environment has contributed to an atmosphere of fear and intimidation in social psychology, psychology, and academia more broadly. 

An Old Infirmity via Inference
This essay by Bill von Hippel focuses on how psychological "scientists" refuse to acknowledge evidence that, when people get old, they actually begin to decline in mental functioning. 


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