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The concept of logical thinking. Geometric shapes on a wooden background.

Washington, DC - Star Trek’s Spock would not be surprised: People are “illogical.” New research exploring American liberals and conservatives shows that regardless of political affiliation, tribal instincts kick in and people’s ability to think logically suffers when it comes to arguments related


The following candidates and bylaw initiatives will appear on the 2019 SPSP Ballot for election to the Board. Descriptions of Board positions and responsibilities can be found here.

The first ever SPSP-sponsored summer workshop, which is organized by Sandra Matz (Columbia Business School), Peter J. Rentfrow (Cambridge University, and John T. Jost (New York University) will focus on “Big Data in Personality and Social Psychology.”

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Couple at a table holding hands
The simple act of touching one another when arguing can reduce stress and facilitate constructive ways of dealing with disagreements.

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